Past, Present, and Future

What a crew.

We hosted our Past, Present, Future event with three incredibly talented ladies. Jessenia worked with people on their past lives, bringing up old patterns and fears that were ingrained from a time that were beyond the conscious awareness of our clients. It was deeply emotional work, and there were a lot of tears and immediate shifts after this component of the session.

Clients were then passed on to Laura, who was able to transition them to a place of calm and healing with her special blend of intuitive reiki. She sees images and symbols during her sessions, and will enlighten her clients before and after the treatment takes place. As Jessenia proclaimed at the end of the event, it could not have been a more perfect transition…starting with excavating the old buried traumas, then getting soothed and relaxed with the reiki, and finally moving to Erica.

Erica was working on the future piece, with her psychic abilities, but she is also a medium and sometimes the dead just want to be heard. Many clients had beloved ones who had crossed over pop in to say hello as they were handed over to Erica, and there was so much emotion and joy and validation as the sessions came to an end.

This is definitely an event we will need to run again…maybe with a special twist, as we always want to keep one-upping ourselves with these holistic popups!