Soul Reading Salon

Magic happened last weekend at our Soul Reading Salon event.

Aside from delicious cheeses and wines, we had 13 people mesmerized by sought-after answers from the spirit realm. What struck me most was the level of investment that everyone had in everyone else’s story. Each person received individualized answers, yet so many questions and answers resonated with everyone in the room. People truly connected on a soul level. It was as if each person was specifically chosen by the spirits to be there.

I find this is always the case with these events. The perfect combination of people always show up. You know that high you get when you stumble across someone who is clearly of your tribe? That vibration of joy and connection that radiates from within when you finally find that person who really GETS you? This is what happens here, over and over. So many wonderful connections made, so many people finally feeling validated and understood, so much incredible light and magic.

THIS is why I love what I do, and what I’ve created.

soul reading.JPG